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Liquid Attractants, Concentrates

There are currently 2 liquids in the range, Mussel concentrate & Krill Concentrate. Both Liquids are highly concentrated and are a very effective liquid additive to boost the attraction of all manner of baits. Perfect for adding to groundbait mixes & stick mixes while equally effective for soaking other baits in like meat and corn. A great way to boost your expander pellets is to add a generous amount to your water before pumping so they take on these remarkable flavours. PVA friendly too, you can’t be without these liquids.

Liquid Attractants, Sprays

There are 3 sprays in the range which currently consists of Strawberry, Vanilla & Pineapple. Ideal for pepping up your hookbaits and giving them a fruity coating. Spray on expanders, corn & meat for an edge. Highly concentrated formula.

Liquids - Mussel Concentrate - £9.99

Mussel Concentrate -

  • PVA friendly
  • 550g

Liquids - Krill Concentrate - £9.99

Krill Concentrate -

  • PVA Friendly
  • 550g

Liquids - Pineapple Spray - 3.99

Pineapple Spray -

  • 60g

Liquids - Vanilla Spray - 3.99

Vanilla Spray -

  • 60g

Liquids - Strawberry Spray - 3.99

Strawberry Spray -

  • 60g