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Hookbait Sausage

This exciting new range of hookbait sausages are a firm favourite among anglers all over the country and have been responsible for some very large catches. A unique texture makes this product so versatile it can be used in many ways. Punch it, Cut it, Mould it or tear it, the choice is yours but whatever you do we are confident this will catch you plenty of fish this season.

As used by Will Raison, these sausages hair rigged on a method feeder have helped Will to many match wins recently..

Hookbait Sausage - Bloodworm - £4.50 pk 5

Bloodworm - Deep red in colour and packed full of real bloodworm, this is Will Raisons first out the bag when targeting large carp on commercials.

  • 200g Pack 5

Hookbait Sausage - Squid - £4.50 pk 5

Squid - A very pungent hookbait which has accounted for many large barbel and big fish when simply cut and hair rigged. Dark brown in colour this will show up well in coloured water. Floodwater Barbel anyone?

  • 200g pk 5

Hookbait Sausage - Snail - £4.50 pk 5

Snail - A more traditional colour of grey/brown with a very earthy snail aroma which all coarse fish simply find irresistible.

  • 200g Pk 5

Hookbait Sausage - Sweetcorn - £4.50 pk 5

Sweetcorn - A very strong scent of sweetcorn and honey has been the cause for many large margin fish to surrender themselves. Bright yellow in colour and rammed full of amino acids this hookbait is a great sweetcorn alternative on hard fished corn waters.

  • 200g Pk 5
Old Ghost Hookbait Sausage