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X Attractive Groundbaits by Old Ghost Groundbait

All of our groundbaits are made using the finest ingredients available to us. Due to the sheer size of our manufacturing capability we can source large volumes of raw ingredients at prices others could only ever dream of. We then pass our savings on to you, the angler, so that you can experience using the very best baits available to you at a price you can afford.

Groundbait - Specimen Carp - £4.99

Specimen Carp - This is a totally unique mix which is very coarse and colourful. Big carp just love feeding over this especially in the margins however this mix doubles up as the perfect Method or Cone mix. A water snail based mix will just give you that ultimate edge on a variety of carp venues.

  • 800g
  • Feeder, Cupping, Method or Balling

Groundbait - Carp Match - £4.99

Carp Match - Unique blend of Fishmeal, Seaweed, Krill, Snail and Silkworm Chrysalis is the ultimate in groundbait development. Our field testers just can’t stop catching fish over this mix. It’s perfect for use on the Method, Groundbait feeder and pole. We’ve just raised the bar in groundbait design!

  • 800g
  • Great All Round Groundbait

Groundbait - Krill - £4.99

Krill - A devastating groundbait for when the water temperature is up. Krill is a proven fish catcher and with 70% pure krill and the rest fishmeal and amino acids this is an absolute winner – TOP TIP, this groundbait can be made into a very effective paste by mixing 50:50 groundbait to water.

  • 1kg
  • Makes a great paste

Groundbait - Bream - £3.99

Bream - Developed for the Bream angler, this groundbait has a very distinctive super sweet aroma to it. Packed full of particles which Bream love, you will keep them in your swim for longer and that tip will just keep on pulling round.

  • 1kg
  • Packed with Particles

Groundbait - Green Alga - £3.99

Green Alga - The perfect mix for using on venues where a green groundbait scores well. This groundbait is a firm favourite amongst our anglers when method tactics have been used. Literally full of marine alga, Krill, Fishmeal and amino acids..

  • 1kg
  • Popular with method tactics

Groundbait - F1 Match - £3.99

F1 Match - This is a specifically developed groundbait for F1’s which contains a perfect blend of sweet meal and fishmeal which we have found that these species particularly love. Boosted with Krill and Amino Acids and fed sparingly with pellets this is a truly fantastic edge.

  • 1kg
  • Boosted with Krill and Amino Acids