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Products from Old Ghost Bait - Aroma Range Strawberry

Liquids - Strawberry Spray - 3.99

Strawberry Spray -

  • 60g

Powder Additive - Strawberry - 6.99

Strawberry - Powder additive, highly concentrated strawberry powder additive, great for adding to Corn, Meat or Groundbait and pastes.

  • 60g

Match Paste - Strawberry - £2.99

Strawberry - Strawberry flavoured baits have been accountable for some very memorable fishing. With this in mind, the development of this very sweet smelling and tasting paste came about. Once mixed it takes on an attractive pink colour and releases many amino acids which fish find irresistible.

  • 150g
  • Vesatile

Magic Paste - Strawberry - £4.99

Strawberry - Stawberry Magic Paste

  • 120g
  • Easy to Use