Old Ghost / Factory


Old Ghost Factory

Set up in 1991, located in the beautiful Wuhan City, the capital of Hubei Province which is famous for its thousands of lakes in the midstream of the Yangtze River, covering an area of 30,000 SQM with a building area of 30,000 SQM in Wuhan National Development Zone, employing 360 factory workers.

Old Ghost now is likely to be the world’s biggest bait producer with an annual production capability of 100,000 tons. Old Ghost Bait Co., Ltd have 9 world top class automatic bait assembly lines which can massively produce Double-layered Boilies, Fresh-Keeping Hookbait Sausages, Fresh-Keeping Groudbait Sausages, Continuously-dissolving Groundbait Pellet, pellets/powder groundbaits,  Paste, Earthworm Mate Dip Bait, and Fishing Bait Additives using only high quality ingredients, with Old Ghost exclusive formula.

Pellet Extruders

(above: producing the Old Ghost EPS Pellets)

Old Ghost Factory

(above: packing the products, vistors look on)


(Above: Groundbiat Silos, visitors continue a tour)

Cina Fish 2012

(above: Old Ghost at China Fish 2012 - Winners of the Best Products Showcase)