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  • Hometown – Aldershot
  • Sponsors – Daiwa & Old Ghost
  • Team – Daiwa Dorking
  • Favourite Old Ghost Product/s – Specimen Carp Groundbait, Maggot Meal and Bloodworm Hookbait Sausage.
  • Angling Achievements – Former World Champion, UK Champion, European Champion, Numerous festival wins, Fish O Mania Finalist, Key member of the hugely successful Daiwa Dorking Squad and countless match wins.
  • Hometown – Stourport On Severn
  • Occupation - Sales & Marketing Manager for Old Ghost UK Ltd
  • Sponsors – Old Ghost
  • Favourite Old Ghost Product/s – Green Alga and Bream Groundbait, Sweetcorn Hookbait Sausage and Silkworm Chrysalis Meal.
  • Favourite Method - Catching Skimmers long on the pole over a 50:50 mix of Bream and Green Alga Groundbait
  • Hometown – Worcester
  • Sponsors – Old Ghost & Matchbox
  • Favourite Old Ghost Product/s –Match Carp Groundbait, Mussel Liquid and Krill Meal.
  • Favourite Method - A 50:50 mix of Match Carp and Micro Pellets wrapped around a method feeder. Top Tip, This mix can also be fed on the pole for carp
  • Hometown - Aldershot
  • Sponsors - Daiwa & Old Ghost Team - Daiwa Dorking
  • Favourite Old Ghost Products - Green Alga and Match Carp Groundbait.
  • Angling Achievements - Match This £50K Finalist, Stafford Moor Festival winner, Individual ACA Masters winner, Countless league wins with the mighty Daiwa Dorking squad.
  • Hometown - Gloucester
  • Sponsors - Old Ghost & Middy
  • Favourite Old Ghost Products - Old Ghost Products - Old Ghost Krill Concentrate, it stinks and fish absolutely love it. Also the Specimen Carp Groundbait is awesome, especially down the edge when I'm after big fish.
  • Angling Achievements - Maver Pairs Qualifier, 2006,2007,2010, Maver Classic Final runner up 2009, County Championships County runner up 2010, Sonubaits Final winner 2010, County Championships County Winner 2010, British Pole Champs Qualifier 2012, Maver Match This 2014 Qualifier.

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