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Hello and a very big welcome to the brand new Old Ghost UK website.

After years of development we are excited to tell you that our fantastic range of products are finding their way into fishing tackle shops all over the UK.

We believe that after all the hard work from everyone here at Old Ghost UK you will soon be enjoying using these top quality products that are sure to put more fish in your net this season. We’ve got the truly versatile and devastating range of X-Attractive groundbaits dedicated to certain species which require the minimum amount of fuss to mix. 1kg bags from just £3.99 to include, Bream, Green Alga and F1 Match. The other 3 groundbaits, Specimen Carp, Match Carp & Krill form the rest of the range with unique attractants and textures which can only be described simply as awesome. Will Raison has been catching plenty of fish on this range along with some of the natural attractants, namely Maggot Meal!

We then have the amazing Hookbait Sausages which come in 4 unique flavours of Sweetcorn, Squid, Snail and Bloodworm. We cannot stress how effective these baits are and the beauty of them is their versatility. You can punch them, cut them, tear them and even mould them and at £1 per stick what are you waiting for? Get some in your bait bags. Perfect for hair rigging and also directly on the hook when fishing the pole.

We could go on about the rest of the range but this website aims to do just that and give you the required information on the products. There will be regularly updated news columns, competitions, tips and tactics and also the “Method of the Month” where we will tell you just what and how we have been catching. The gallery will be running so send in your catch shots to us and we will show them off to everyone, just let us know where, what method and which Old Ghost product you used.

Other than that, thank you for visiting us and if you see us on the bank come and say hello!

2013-11-13 By UKMA Ray Best

The Asian bait explosion continues to dazzle the UK bait market with their innovative twists on conventional baits. Up and coming stars OLD GHOST have not been shy in coming forward in 2013, with the release of numerous products that have already started to build a big following nationwide.

We spoke to the UK management team at this years Tackle & Gun show to find out what they had up there sleeves for the coming year. One little surprise they have shown the UKMA team are their first dive into the UK boilie market, read on to find out exactly what these original twists on an established baits has to offer you the angler.

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2013-11-12 By UKMA Ray Best

The KEEP FRESH HOOKBAIT SAUSAGES offer a totally unique texture that is of a slightly softer texture to other meat products used in angling like luncheon meat and colony.

It is basically a medium to stiff meat paste texture that has enough durability for casting on a method feeder or lead rig meaning it can be used in many various presentation formats. You can hair rig it, mould it around a paste stop, punch it, cut it or tear it, the choice is yours.

Another option for the river barbel and chub specialist anglers is when using gripper leads with hollow centres, fill the centre with HOOKBAIT SAUSAGES and squeeze it in like a paste to release a flavour trail over your hookbaits in fast flowing waters.

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2013-11-12 By UKMA Ray Best

UKMA can let you in on a little secret; the X ATTRACTIVE MATCH CARP is the groundbait that is already taking southern match angling Mecca Gold Valley apart, with OLD GHOST consultant and England International Will Raison having huge success since he started using it.

The X ATTRACTIVE MATCH CARP is a light brown in colour with numerous small food particles to stimulate feeding. It contains puffed soybean, wheat gluten, maize alcohol lees, blended shrimp meal, krill meal, wild snail, mussel extract, krill concentrate, fish oil, fish protein hydrolyzed, silk work chrysalis, marine alga and amino acids.

This is specifically developed for out and out commercial fishery work when targeting F1’s and bigger carp but match sized bream and tench have also been proven easy quarry whilst using this fish flavoured groundbait.

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2013-11-12 By UKMA Ray Best

The MUSSEL CONCENTRATE is the concentrated liquid extract of ocean mussel which has been steamed and boiled. The KRILL CONCENTRATE is the liquid extract of krill that has gone through fat separation and enzyme treatment.

Both liquids have been describe by the manufacturer as being “rich in proteins and amino acids” which as we all know are tried and tested feeding triggers that produce the goods when targeting the majority of fresh water species.

Both of these liquids can be used as an additive to all grounbaits, hookbaits including neat, expander pellet, feed pellets, spod, plus stick and bag mixes can all benefit from the additions of these aromatic liquids as they are 100% PVA friendly.

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2013-11-12 By UKMA Ray Best

Powdered attractants are nothing new in the angling world, but with more and more anglers realising that natural attractants made from actual bait sources are becoming more and more popular. Old Ghost have not forgotten about the anglers that want natural attraction within their groundbaits or stick mixes, and have released four of the most effective natural attractors made up of the actual bait that they are named after.

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2013-02-04 By Match Fishing Magazine

Will Raison won yesterdays round of the Gold Valley Rushmoor League, with a massive 98-10-0 net of carp. The result cements his place at the top of the popular Southern series – and banked him a tidy £1,100 in winnings.

He explained: “I drew peg 81 on Middle Lake – and really fancied it for a big net of carp on the pole. First put in, I caught a 6lb fish on some prototype Old Ghost expander pellets – but then as if from nowhere the wind got up, and I was unable to hold my pole. I changed to a pellet cone, fishing an 8mm piece of Old Ghost Bloodworm sausage on the hook – and caught steadily for the rest of the match. There were obviously a lot of fish in front of me and the lad next to me who finished second – but that’s winter carp fishing I suppose.

I fished an 8mm punch of meat, below a size 12 Drennan Hair Rigger Power, matched to a 0.22mm Super G Line hooklength. Mainline was 10lb Daiwa ST. I ended up with a total of 17 fish for my 98-10-0 total. I am obviously chuffed to be leading the league – as it always attracts a high quality field. I just hope my run of form continues for the rest of the series!”

2012-12-14 By www.fishingmagic.com

It is understood that Raison has agreed a three year deal with the Chinese bait giants in a move which represents his first bait sponsorship change in some 18 years, although his long-standing tackle deal with manufacturer Daiwa will continue.

John Watson, Old Ghost’s UK Sales Manager, had talked of major signings when the company started to move into the UK market – and they don’t get much bigger than Will Raison!

John commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Will on board; he is one of the best anglers in the world, and a dream signing – what is more, Will approached us as he was already a fan of our products. Being a ‘new kid on the block’ in terms of UK bait firms, gaining the trust of anglers is massively important to us and having Will using the baits will be a great way of demonstrating their effectiveness.”

Will said:

These are very exciting times and it’s is great to be getting involved with a relatively new company in the UK market; Old Ghost is a company that is going places!

I have always said that I would never change sponsorship for financial reasons alone and I ‘m joining Old Ghost because they have a range of products I ‘m keen to use. They are amongst the biggest bait companies in the world and their scientific approach to manufacture makes it easy to see why, and products such as the maggot groundbait and bloodworm boilies are already proving to be extremely successful in the UK.

The consultancy part of my role will see me help to refine existing products and to develop new ones, so you can expect to see a lot more from the Old Ghost stable over the next few months.”

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