Galleries / Old Ghost Photo Gallery

Specimen Anglers Gallery

Old Ghost Bait images of Specimen Fish taken on our products, including Carp, Cat Fish, Barbel, Tench and Bream.

Coarse Fishing Gallery

Old Ghost Baits isn't just about catching the Biggest or the most fish, it's about catching all kinds of fish.

Match Anglers Gallery

Images of Match Anglers featuring Old Ghost Bait Products. If you've won a match and have an image, let us know.

Old Ghost Gallery

All about us, Images of the Old Ghost Bait Products, the factory, the Old Ghost Anglers and relevant Old Ghost items.

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If you would like to send in your catches and/or tips to us and be a star on the Old Ghost Website! Please follow the information given below and send all information via our Contact Us Form. We look forward in reading and sharing the interesting stories with others.

Sharing Stories/Tips

If you enjoy using Old Ghost Baits and you would like to share your tips/findings with others please send us your photos or videos with a detailed description including your name, your age (under 16 years), your team (if applicable), what you have discovered and also how successful it has been for you.

Sharing Catches

If you enjoy using Old Ghost Baits and you would like to share your photos with us, please send us your photo including, your name, your age (under 16 years), your team (if applicable), the weight of your catch, breed and the location that you caught it. 


Old Ghost UK Ltd has strict restrictions to maintain the safety of children. If you are under 16 years and would like to enter a competition or send in a gallery photo or video, you will need to have your parent’s or guardian’s involvement and permission to do this.

Publishing your images and content: All interesting catches, stories and tips will be shown on our Facebook page (see link at top or bottom of page) - All the best submissions will be shown on our website.

By submitting your stories, tips and catches to us you give permission to share this information with others.
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