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Old Ghost Baits - Scott Poynton

Old Ghost Baits - Scott Poynton shares a few simple but effective tips to do with Old Ghost Products. Old Ghost - Liquid Tips and Boosted Micros.

Summer 2014 Paste - Maggot Meal & Protein Binding Agent

Over the early summer of 2014 Old Ghost UK has had some great success on the great paste formula. Watch the video for the best way of mixing and presenting the bait.

Will Raison Reveals Old Ghost Hookbait Sausage

Will Raison has just signed for Old Ghost Baits, (as at Jan 2013) and here he talks about the product he's been using to good effect as a method feeder hook bait. News of Will's testing of Old Ghost baits is in the Angler's Mail January 15 cover-date issue. Read the magazine every week for the best product coverage, top tips, fishing news, and where to fish.

Will Raison tackles Gold Valley in the Depths of Feb

Will Raison exlains why he tackles Gold Valley with Old Ghost Sausage Hookbait (Sweetcorn) on the straight lead and introduces a twist on a Bloodworm and Joker approach on the long pole on a very cold Feb morning, Will adds dead red maggot and joker to Old Ghost Bream to cover his 'commercial' bases.

Scott Poynton - Method - Corn Hookbait Sausage & Krill Groundbait

Scott Poynton from Old Ghost baits shows us the how to fish a Method feeder with Old Ghost Krill Groundbait and sweetcorn Hookbait Sausage, a method that has produced some fantastic match weights for Scott in recent times.