Method of the Month - June 2013 - Groundbait in the Margins

This month Will Raison talks us through his very effective groundbait combination that has helped him to victory on recent matches.

“There is no doubt that fishing with groundbait in the margins is an effective way of catching carp late on in matches but with so many anglers adopting this tactic you need to get the edge to ultimately catch more fish and hopefully win the match. In my recent matches here at Gold Valley I have been using a mix that has plenty of larger particles and a unique additive which I believe is what these big carp want.

The mix is the Specimen Carp Groundbait and the Maggot Meal Natural Attractant with a ratio of half a bag of Maggot Meal to Two bags of Specimen Carp. When you add water to this mix you can really smell the mix activating which will no doubt attract the fish into the area. The great thing about the Specimen Carp groundbait is its particle size. Being larger they sit well on the bottom and keep fish feeding with their heads down eliminating foul hooked fish which can be a problem with finer mixes.

I like to kick off a margin swim by introducing 5 balls of the mix which are roughly the size of tennis balls. Hookbait for this method is a minimum of 5 dead red maggots which is just a perfect bait for big carp. Margin fish tend to be the biggest in the lake so your terminal tackle has to be up to the job of getting them in the net and also durable enough to catch plenty in a session to build a big weight.

Once the carp arrive they will feed hard and it is key to keep the feed going in. Sometimes you will need to feed a ball after every fish and other times after every three fish or so. This particular mix is so good for targeting the margins I don’t believe there is a better combination”.

Will Raison.